Mr. Ayoub Guirguis founded the Technical Services & Agencies Office “TSAO” in 1987. Ever since, the company has been able to capture
a relatively high market share by introducing high quality swimming pool products to the Egyptian market.

Mr. Guirguis was the leader to revolutionize the swimming pool field by introducing ASTRAL of Spain & its technology of fiberglass filters.

TSAO has been representing ASTRAL in Egypt since 1988 with its wide range of swimming pool products for Olympic, commercial & private pools.

To integrate the whole range, TSAO represents the European manufacturer of pool water chemicals Delsa of Spain as well as the well reputed wave generator produced by Waves in Scotland.

Awarded a medallion from the President, Mr. Guirguis was devoted to perfection throughout his career,  
a culture very well identified in the performance of TSAO and its team.



TSAO focuses on the market segment which perceives quality in its demands, i.e. reliability, durability
& serviceability.

The company has been able to maintain a good image for the past decade and its objective is to maintain the high quality services & products its clients expect.

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